From live demos to studio quality multi-track recordings, Sound Affects Music Studios can facilitate any budget. All studio bookings include our engineer so you will be guided through the recording process every step of the way.

When booking please let our engineer know whether you want to use the in house equipment or your own. If your band has its own sound we recommend bringing your own equipment.

How long shall we book?

Before you book consider what you want from your recording. If you want a rough demo to get some ideas down it will be a lot quicker than recording a song intended for release. All projects are saved and can be continued in another session so don't worry about running out of time.



If your song is intended for release you are going to want to ensure that the performance and sound is at the highest quality. Recording and mixing to this level takes time but each step is necessary to ensure a successful project.

Every project is different so please feel free to give our engineer a call to plan your sessions. 

We can also release your recordings digitally so that they are available on popular platforms such as iTunes & Spotify. 


For bands who want to capture their gigging sound a live studio recording could be for you. Rather than recording instruments individually a multi-track recording of an entire band will take place in our live room with each instrument mic'd up.

Most of the mixing will take place whilst setting up and during the performance to ensure that sound is good at the source. Whilst recording instruments simultaneously you are likely to get mic bleed from other instruments and therefore have less control over the sound once it has been recorded.

To have a successful live recording it is best to ensure that the sound desired is achieved in the sound check and that the band are well rehearsed. It is best to overdub the vocals afterwards to achieve a clear, isolated vocal.


Some bands want rough ideas down on a CD to show friends, family, record labels, promoters, venues and so on. If you do not need a polished recording and don't mind spending a small amount of time on each instrument/performance then this option might be for you.

There will always be a set up time when recording bands but once the room is set and the mics are in place it could just be a matter of hitting record and letting the band perform.