Line 6 HX

Line 6 HX Pedal, Like A Helix But Smaller (And Cheaper)

Line 6 HX Multi Effects

Carrying on in the fine tradition of condensing their top of the line modelling amps/FX into more compact units that are affordable for the masses. The original Helix’s transistor modelling and Throbber photocell emulation are in place offering the holy grail of any digital emulation, proper fuzz tones and vibes.

There’s over 100 effects in total and the HX is perfect for those who have a cherished amp that no modeller can replace, or simply don’t feel the need to endless twiddle with their core tone. Instead the Line 6 HX keeps it to simply next generation delays, fuzz, drives and reverbs that compete with the very best. Flying the flag for classy vintage emulations and brand new creative tools that made the likes of the DL4 and M9 so popular.

There’s no word on an exact price but it’s likely to be competitive with other high end multi FX.

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