Orange release new Rocker 15 Terror and Crush Mini amps

Orange have announced some exciting updates to two of our favourite products from the British amp giants. The new Rocker 15 Terror head and Crush Mini amps can fulfil all your needs, from the bedroom to the stage!

The combination of the Rocker and Terror series is sure to unleash some monster tones, especially with it’s all-valve design. Perfect for small gigs and studio work, as well as home use!

Orange’s ever popular Crush range is now more portable than ever, with the Crush Mini featuring an 8-Ohm speaker, chromatic tuner and headphones output so you can practice anywhere at any time!

Check out what Orange have to say…

Rocker 15 Terror

“With the Rocker 15 Terror set wide open, smaller venues are comfortably taken care of. Thanks to the same beefy transformers as the combo version, the Rocker 15 Terror has a remarkably potent delivery which takes full advantage of its EL84 output section. Even when scaling back the power, the amp’s tone stays fat and full, oozing warm valve compression and saturation without disturbing the neighbours.

Clever options aside, the Rocker 15 Terror has real character – a twin channel design with a twist. The Natural channel is a purist’s dream with just a single knob: Volume. Finely balanced and supremely playable, this channel is perfectly voiced to bring out the ‘natural’ sound of the instrument under your fingers (or the pedals under your feet). The ‘Dirty’ channel is a more familiar affair with controls for Gain, Volume and a three band EQ section. Both channels are very sensitive to touch and playing dynamics, making Rocker 15 Terror very versatile despite its straightforward, player-friendly layout.

The amp also features a proper valve driven effects loop for total purity from input to output. So, whether you need a rig for low-volume practising, recording, or to be heard on the club circuit, the shape-shifting Rocker 15 Terror will show itself to be the amp for every occasion.”

Crush Mini

“The redesigned control panel gives you full tonal control with gain, shape and volume. Backing off the gain and pushing the volume up results in British crunch, while pushing the gain up will give you searing high gain. The shape control, like the Micro Dark, cuts or boosts the mids, giving fat mids through to scooped tones.

A new feature for the Crush Mini is the 8 Ohm speaker output. Using the preamp stage of the amp, you can plug directly into an external speaker cabinet to open up even more tonal capabilities.

The Crush Mini features a built-in tuner, as well as a headphone output that cuts the speaker for silent practice. The AUX IN makes playing along to your favourite songs is a breeze!”

Priced at £549 and £45 respectively, these are great additions to the Orange range, and are available online and in store here at Sound Affects.

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