Available At Our Ormskirk Studio

Guitar lessons take place every day at Sound Affects Music Studios and with 5 tutors offering a variety of styles we can teach anything from Classical to Shred.

Electric Guitar - Rhythm, Lead and the grey areas in between. Whether you want to play blues or metal, we have a tutor for you.

Acoustic Guitar - Chords, Finger Styles and Rhythms. We will get you strumming along to your favourite songs in no time.

Classical Guitar - Chords, Finger Styles, Rhythms and Sight Reading.

Advanced Guitar - Been playing for a while without learning anything new? Whether you want to develop different styles or learn songwriting/theory skills our tutors can facilitate.

Want to achieve your grades? Our tutors will teach you the syllabus and help you apply for your exams.

Want to book a lesson? Please call us on 01695 580300