Sound Affects Music Lessons

Lessons can go on for as long as you wish. Some people come for a few months of refresher lessons others have been having lessons for some time. It is up to you how long you wish to learn and there is no long-term commitment. The only thing we ask for in advance is the cost of your next lesson. So for your first lesson you pay double which covers your next lesson as well as your first. When you wish to finish, let us know and you don't pay for your last lesson. We operate a cancellation scheme, which means if you are unable to attend a lesson that you have booked and paid for you may cancel it and carry your payment forward to the next lesson as long as 48 hours notice is given.

We have a very open approach to teaching and very much work to your agenda. We love to hear whats on your playlist and help you to work towards learning your favourite tunes. We cater for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced, and ages from 5 to .... well whatever - you’re never too old to learn! Lessons are mainly on a 1:1 basis and take place at our purpose built Studio in Ormskirk. We have 8 teaching rooms, and we teach 7 days a week, up to 8pm on most days. We also have a full functional recording studio on site.

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Sound Affects Liverpool

9 Dunningsbridge Road, Aintree, Liverpool
L30 6UU

Monday to Sunday, until 8pm most days

Pricing: £17.50 per half hour

phone icon 0151 665 0777 

email icon events@soundaffectsmusic.com 


Sound Affects Ormskirk

115 New Court Way, Ormskirk
L39 2YT

Monday to Sunday, until 8pm most days

Pricing: £17.50 per half hour

phone icon 01695 580 300 

email icon events@soundaffectsmusic.com 

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons take place every day at Sound Affects Music Studios, with tutors offering a variety of styles we can teach anything from Classical to Shred.

Electric Guitar - Rhythm, Lead and the grey areas in between. Whether you want to play blues or metal, we have a tutor for you.

Acoustic Guitar - Chords, Finger Styles and Rhythms. We will get you strumming along to your favourite songs in no time.

Classical Guitar - Chords, Finger Styles, Rhythms and Sight Reading.

Advanced Guitar - Been playing for a while without learning anything new? Whether you want to develop different styles or learn songwriting/theory skills our tutors can facilitate.

Want to achieve your grades? Our tutors will teach you the syllabus and help you apply for your exams.

Piano Lessons

If you want to learn either Piano or Keyboard look no further. We teach in our dedicated keys room on top quality keyboards and digital pianos.

With focus on sight reading and technique our tutors will guide through whatever style of music you wish to play.

So what's the difference between Piano and Keyboard lessons?

Keyboard - Focuses on using your left hand for chords and right hand for melody.

Piano - Focuses on playing chords and melodies with both hands.

Our tutors will happily put you through the grades and help you apply for your exams.

Drum Lessons

Drums are taught every day at Sound Affects Music Studios and we are delighted with the progress made by our current students.

With three different drum tutors we offer teaching of many styles including Rock, Jazz, Latin, Pop and Metal.

Many people would like to try drums, but don't feel like investing in a drum kit until they are sure drumming is for them. We support this approach and encourage you to work with a practice pad to start with. This is a great way to learn, and is a low cost solution. Once you are sure you want to take on the 'main role in the band' we can help you choose either an electronic or acoustic kit, with prices to suit most pockets.

We also teach Rock School gradings and can help you enter for exams.

Singing Lessons

Learn how to sing and improve your voice with vocal exercises, tips and techniques taught by our music tutors.

You will learn techniques and tips covering Breathing, Posture, Warm Up, Lip Rolls, Vowel Sounds, Performance.

Whether you want to brush up your skills, start from scratch or advance through your grades we can facilitate.

Music Theory

Studying music on an instrument is one approach, but to truly understand how music works and how to construct your own material requires the theory.

Whatever your motivation our tutors will teach you theory and help you apply the knowledge to your instrument. If you are learning GCSE music we can help increase your chances of passing the exam, available either as a regular lesson or a series of revision sessions.

Ukulele Lessons

The instrument of the moment!

Fun, accessible and exciting. To say this is a craze sweeping the nation in not an overstatement.

Probably the easiest instrument to learn, with most people establishing a decent repertoire within a matter of weeks, this is definitely the instrument for the time strapped individual.

The lowely Uke was very misunderstood until about 5 years ago; perceived as only suitable for "George Formby" types. Then came the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and changed everything.

The Ukulele is now the biggest selling instrument worldwide and can be heard in the charts, on TV ads and in many pubs, clubs and of course house throughout the UK and beyond.