Chloe Pettit - Piano & Keyboard

For as long as I can remember, music has played a huge part in my life. My earliest memory is of listening to ‘Kiss From A Rose’ by Seal and being completely absorbed by the music. As I got older, I began to play around with my dad’s keyboard, picking out tunes and teaching myself to play simple melodies. Not long after I started Flute lessons in school, which progressed into me taking one to one piano lessons where I began to fully develop my musical skills. I have been playing the piano for 13 years now, during which time I have taken music grades, explored different styles of piano playing, completed a Media, Music and Sound degree at university and enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others through teaching at Sound Affects.

Justine Konstantynowicz - Vocal & Keyboard

Coming from an extremely musical family I have been around music for as long as I can remember.

I have been playing the piano for 16 years and singing since I learnt to talk.

Music is my first love and I have been fortunate enough to have had many great experiences surrounding it. From competitions to musicals, where I have played leading roles in local productions such as Grease, Bugsy Malone, Blood Brothers and Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. To judging competitions and creating local music events from scratch.

As well as my musical theatre background I have professionally trained as a vocalist for 12 years, taking my education and graded examinations through vocal coaching at established LIPA.

In the past I have performed in a harmonic girl band and I currently perform within an acoustic duo with fellow tutor Rich.

I recently graduated with a B.Sc. (hons) in Psychology with my modules widely focussed around educational psychology and teaching, my second love.

Being able to combine my two passions and build a career upon them both is amazing for me. I am excited to be joining the team at Sound Affects and looking forward to teaching diverse and talented individuals and watching them grow and flourish before me.

Richard Taylor - Guitar & Ukulele

I picked up the guitar round about the age of 13, after hearing the searing lead guitar of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Brian May and David Gilmour. I have constantly been influenced by all sorts of musicians, constantly being inspired by various artists and styles of music to perfect my playing, technique, musical knowledge, creativity and musicianship.

My journey with the guitar has allowed me to come across plenty of different styles that I enjoy to play and teach: from all forms of rock, heavy metal, blues, neo-classical, progressive, acoustic styles and tonnes more. Guitar is a constant journey of discovery and the beauty of teaching means I get to dip into other styles I may not have thought of and implement that into my musical vocabulary. Most importantly whilst I've put plenty of hours in playing by myself, I have constantly been playing with others as I've grown up and I encourage all my students to do that too because it is simply the best way to learn.

Currently I'm the lead guitarist in a band called Twin Planets. We gig around Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and sometimes locally in between recording our album. I also take every opportunity to perform with others (the best way to progress!), so I also have a couple of other tiny projects on the go. Alongside that and teaching, I also study Physics at University.

I have a real passion for teaching. It gives me great pleasure and it is a real privilege to pass on my knowledge, expertise and musicianship onto others. After teaching for 3 years, I have honed my tutoring skills as I believe there is no one way to teach. There are so many different methods for teaching the same thing, so much so it is beautiful that each student is different and I enjoy the challenge of finding the best way to inspire them and watch them improve, and most importantly PLAY MUSIC!

I can teach all styles of guitar, and can teach from beginner to advanced abilities or techniques. I also have a great knowledge of music theory (and easy to understand way of teaching it), that whilst isn't essential to play music, it is a valuable tool to a musician who wants to learn quickly, be creative and expand their horizons (plus it's universal - you can easily take the things you've learnt with theory and apply it to any other instrument) . Along with guitar I also teach ukulele - but if I had to describe what I teach, I would say I teach how to become a musician!


Dan Bibby - Guitar & Drums

I was inspired to start playing the guitar at the age of 13 after hearing Green Day’s, “American Idiot” on the radio. Even with only limited musical knowledge at the time, even I could tell how well and powerfully performed the track was despite its relatively simple structure and it really excited me. It was from there that I started my lessons and began instinctively taking apart songs in my head upon hearing them and working out how a song goes together.

Years on, I’m still playing and still have a love of music and have earned a degree in Music Practice. Additionally, I have taught myself a number of other instruments and discovered many other artists in an effort to widen my horizons for my own song-writing. Whilst I teach guitar and drums, I also play piano, bass and drums; making the writing/learning process a lot more streamlined for myself as well as being able to put more things into context during lessons.

James Morris - Guitar & Bass

I have been playing guitar for 5 years now at the age of 12 and I started my lessons here at Sound Affects soon after I started learning to play guitar. After a few years I started to join bands and since then I have played in numerous bands and gigged around the Liverpool and Manchester area.

From an early age Music has always been a big part of my life and I enjoy a wide variety of musical styles and genres. I am particularly influenced by blues music from artists such as BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan aswell as other bands from various other genres right through from 50s to the present day.  I feel that Music allows me to express myself In a way which I don't get from anything else. 

Since I started playing guitar it has always been my aim to teach others and hopefully inspire them as I have been inspired and encouraged to continue by my tutors at sound affects. 


Starting from October 2016 I will be studying music at BIMM university in Manchester as in the future I am hoping to become a session musician as well as continuing guitar tuition. 

Jacob Ward - Guitar & Ukulele

I picked up the guitar at the age of 12 having grown up listening to a lot of 90s guitar bands, courtesy of my Dad. I would say Radiohead were the band that first made me want to make music; OK Computer and The Bends were pretty much the soundtrack to my childhood and the reason Jonny Greenwood is still my favourite guitarist to this day. I had lessons for the first couple of years of high school; learning all the classic rock, blues and pop-punk stuff that comes as standard to the budding rock-star. However, as my teenage years unfolded I found myself placed firmly in the ‘indie’ camp; obsessing over bands such as The Strokes, The Smiths, Blur and The Stone Roses, as well as singer song-writers such as Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley – all acts which I consider to have had a huge influence on the way I play and write today, and are still constant sources of inspiration.

Since I first picked up the guitar it was evident that music was the only thing I’ve ever really been passionate about or obsessed with, so it made sense for me to pursue this in an academic sense as well as it being my favourite pastime. I studied Music Tech at A-level and then went on to study BA Music at The University of Salford. This was a straight music course, covering composition, musicianship, the history of music and recording/studio work. As an 18 year old moving to a city famous for being home to so many of my favourite musicians I felt like I was embarking on a musical pilgrimage and enjoyed 4 years being consistently inspired by my tutors and friends I made on the course. I learnt a lot during this time and can pass this knowledge on to anyone who’s willing to learn!

I formed a band with some close friends I met on the course and ended up staying in Salford for a couple of years after I graduated to carry on trying to become a pop-star. We got relatively close, touring extensively and playing some great gigs. The most notable of these being our headline Club NME slot at KOKO in Camden and playing Great British Summertime at Hyde Park, supporting Take That… did I mention that I’m also into out and out pop music too?

Though my tastes are mainly pop/rock based I am able to teach a large variety of different styles and enjoy playing all kinds of music; whether you want to work through the Rock School grades or simply learn how play your favourite songs.

Alex Jarvis-Pearson - Drums

One of my earliest memories as a child is, at 6 years old, getting a guitar for Christmas and having absolutely no idea what to do with it but I remember just looking at it and knowing I wanted to get really good at it.

I studied guitar from the age of 6 until I was 12 and then decided I wanted guitar as a bit of fun. I have continued to play and learn guitar myself, to this day.

I started playing drums when I was 10 and it is something I have cherished every minute of. It’s the most satisfying feeling in the world to achieve something behind the drum kit, in my opinion. I absolutely love the continuous learning curve.

I have been in bands and performed on stage regularly, with both my guitar and drums, since the age of 11, and still do.

When I was 16, I left home and went to Guildford, Surrey, to attend the Academy of Contemporary Music, where I achieved my Drum Diploma. Along the way I was taught by the likes of Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rodger Taylor of Queen.

All my tutors were either drummers from the west end or played in bands that were on TV like X Factor and the Voice, etc. One of my tutors was even an editor of “Rhythm Magazine.”

After leaving ACM at 18, I came to Preston to study my degree in Music Production at UCLan. As of 2016, I achieved a 2:1 with honours.

Since then I have worked briefly for BBC Radio 1 at Maida Vale Studios in London as a Drum Tech assistant/roadie for bands such as: Of Mice and Men, Bullet for my Valentine, PVRIS and Black Peaks.

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Sound Affects team and can’t wait to impart my knowledge and share my experiences with students, to watch them grow and succeed as creative and confident individuals.

Paul Davies - Guitar (Including Classical)

I began playing the guitar at the age of nine when I was given a guitar for Christmas and ever since then I was hooked. I studied the classical guitar for twelve years, going through the grades and studying music theory to enhance my understanding. I completed a GCSE, A-Level and then went on to do a Degree in Music at Liverpool Hope University which I graduated from in July 2016. In my degree I studied advanced performance and music theory, composition, songwriting and music history. I have performed the classical guitar in a wide range of settings such as weddings, town fairs, charity concerts and gigs. 

Alongside my studies on the classical guitar my interest in playing the electric guitar grew. I used my knowledge of the classical guitar and began playing a wider range of styles such as Metal, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Blues and Soul music. As a result this expanded my use of instrument into mainly extended range guitars, rarely finding myself playing guitars with just six strings. I performed in a rock band for four years playing venues such as the Cavern Club and Liverpool’s O2 Academy on both the second and main stage. 

Using the broad range of skills and experience I have gained I now teach Music Theory, Classical and Electric Guitar here at Sound Affects.

Peter Donnolly - Guitar

I have been teaching guitar for over 5 years and playing in local bands for 13 years, supporting acts such as Graham Bonnet (Rainbow), Electric Six, Space, and Skin. I specialise in Rock and Blues but can also teach Pop, Funk and Acoustic styles.

For those wanting to do music grades I teach Rockschool grades 1-8 with 100% pass rate, but can also teach your favourite songs just for fun. As well as acoustic and electric guitar, I also teach some bass guitar and ukulele. 

Amy Bravington - Vocals

Following 3 years at Phil Winston's Theatreworks, I embarked on an exciting career in production as a singer/dancer. I performed on cruises and in hotels all over the world and gained valuable experience, which I have been then able to pass onto other performers through arranging vocals for various productions. After completing a BMus Hons degree in voice and music at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, I realised that teaching is to be the next part of my journey and I am delighted to be a part of the team at Sound Affects.