guitar tech services

Whether it's a broken jack socket, a simple restring, or a complete service and setup - the guitar techs at Sound Affects can help! We offer a wide range of quality repair services for a fair price.

There's nothing better than having your guitar setup perfectly and professionally. Having your instrument play smoothly and reacts as if it's just an extention of you, is something incredibly special. It gives you drive to pick it up again and play, or the inspiriation for that guitar riff or lick you've been searching for. Each note has more weight behind it, the clarity is crystal clear, the intonation is accurate and very importantly the instrument feels great to play. Not only is a setup great for playing purposes but it's good for the instrument's longevity. I personally find I play much better after a good setup on my guitar, everything feels easier and sounds sweeter. At Sound Affects we offer a a range of repair services for guitars, basses and other string instruments, all of which are carried out in-store by our own technician to a very high standard. Note - 'Elixirs' are a special brand of strings. They're normal wound strings that have been coated so that dirt, sweat and other nasty things don't get in between the grooves. This means that you can simply wipe off any dirt that may appear with a cloth, and the strings will stay sparkly clean. The benefits of these strings are great: they last 4 or 5 times longer than normal strings; they practically stay sounding new so they're always bright and never dull; the coating makes the strings feel ever so slightly smoother making it easier to fly around the fretboard and you won't have to change strings so often! They're definitely worth trying out at least once.

Full Repair Servies At Available At Our Ormskirk Branch 

Basic repairs and setups also offered at our Aintree Location