Ever wanted to record your favourite song?
Whether you want a studio experience or a professional CD for your portfolio we can facilitate. From as little as £25 you can walk away with a CD.

How it works

If you have your own backing tracks feel free to bring them along. To save time we ask for them to be on a CD or USB memory stick. Alternatively we can supply backing tracks @ £2.50 each. Once we have uploaded the tracks in our software you will hear the tracks through headphones whilst you perform. All of your performances are saved so we ask for at least 2 takes of each song so that we can switch between takes and pick your best bits in post production.

Can't find a backing track?

Whether you have written your own song or need a backing track in a different key or with a different arrangement. We can create a backing track to suit your needs.
Prices are negotiable so please give us a call for a quote. 

How long shall I book?

Depending on the individual it is hard to predict how long a project will take. We save all of our projects at Sound Affects so they can always be continued in another session. On average a singer will get 3 songs recorded in 2 hours. This gives time for several takes of each track, audio editing and post production.

You will leave with the tracks on a CD or we can email you the masters.

Want a printed CD?

We can print artwork, pictures or just text onto CDs from as little as £2.50 per disc. This is perfect if you intend to give your CD as a gift or for gigging musicians to use as a portfolio.

We offer savings if you buy in bulk. Please give us a call for a quotation.